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Broadband Wireless Access


PCTEL designs, distributes, and supports innovative antenna solutions for Wi-Fi, WiMAX, licensed and unlicensed wireless broadband, network timing, cellular offloading and backhaul applications. Our antenna products are sold to OEMs, distributors, VARs, system integrators, public safety agencies, government contractors, carriers, wireless ISPs, and government agencies worldwide. PCTEL broadband wireless antennas support multiple applications including wireless internet, wireless enterprise networks, wireless LANs, WiMAX, RF-ID, wireless mobility and inventory control.

 Institutional Applications — Healthcare  Cellular Data Offloading


  • Antennas and accessories designed to support and optimize wireless networks in hospitals and clinics for real-time, reliable data and voice communications
  • Custom antenna designs for healthcare installations:
    • Wireless medical carts
    • Tablet PCs and laptops
    • Medical diagnostic equipment
    • Ceiling and above ceiling tiles
    • Walls, pillars, cabinets
    • Ambulances
  • Single band, Multi-Band, MIMO and Diversity Designs
  • Aesthetically pleasing, low profile housings
  • Environmentally tested, flame retardant properties
  • Anti-microbial components
  • Optimized radiation patterns for maximum efficiency


  • Mobile voice, data and video support
  • Wi-Fi and picocell network installations
  • Public wireless hotspots (e.g. sports venues, hotels, airports, etc.)
  • 802.11 a, b, g, n platforms
  • MIMO, wideband and multi-band antenna solutions
  • Aesthetically pleasing, low profile housings
  • Optimized radiation patterns for improved coverage
  • Carrier grade solutions for hot zone deployments
  • Products for indoor and outdoor environments
 Fixed & Mobile Broadband Access  Wireless LAN Enterprise Networks


Last Mile Access, Bridging and Backhaul Applications

  • Municipal Mesh Networks / Smart Grids
  • Carrier Voice and Data Networks / Cellular Offloading
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers
  • Network Timing Synchronization
  • Public Wireless Hot Spots (airports, stadiums)
    • Directional and Omnidirectional Antenna Designs
    • Up-banded Broadband Antennas (700MHz-6 GHz)
    • Wideband & Multi-Band Antenna Solutions
    • Environmentally tested designs
    • Optimized radiation patterns
    • Many installation mount options
    • Enclosures, cable assemblies and accessories


In-Building and Outdoor Enterprise Applications

  • Enterprise Networks (office, manufacturing, retail)
  • Hospitality Wi-Fi Access (hotels, coffee shops, bookstores)
  • Healthcare and Educational Institutions (universities, hospitals, clinics)
  • Facilities Management & Residential Access (high rises, apartment buildings)
  • Public Wireless Hot Spots (airports, stadiums, libraries)
  Mobile Broadband Networks  High Rejection GPS Applications


Mobile Data Applications

  • Public Safety Wireless Data and Video Streaming
  • Carrier Network Optimization
  • Mass Transit Wireless Internet Access
  • Utilities Data Transfer and Processing
    • High Performance Mobile Antennas and Accessories
    • Up-banded Broadband Antennas (700MHz-6 GHz)
    • Wideband & Multi-Band Antenna Solutions
    • OEM Grade, Environmentally Tested Designs
    • Aestherically Pleasing Housings
    • Many Installation Mount Options
    • Cable Assemblies and Accessories


GPS Timing Synchronization

  • High Out-of-Band Rejection to Avoid Terrestrial GPS Interference
  • Carrier Network Optimization
  • Narrow Band Filtering
  • Covert Antenna Designs for Femto, Metro and Pico Cells
  • Enhanced Features For Unique and Custom Installations
    • Integrated Surge and Receiver Options
    • Quadrifiliar Helix Design for Superior Horizon Coverage
    • Multiple Frequencies Supported Including GLONASS and Galileo
    • OEM Grade, Environmentally Tested Designs
    • Multiple Gain Options To Support Extended Cable Runs
    • Many Installation Mount Options
    • Cable Assemblies and Accessories
Featured Products


GPS-TMG-HR-26N High Rejection 26dB Timing Antenna with Enhanced Narrow Band Filtering

PCTEL's GPS-TMG-HR-26 timing reference antennas feature a 26 dB amplifier and narrow band high rejection filtering specifically designed to support long-lasting, trouble-free deployments in congested cell-site applications with severe interference around the GPS L1 frequency.

  • Designed for enhanced performance in cellular applications and other high noise environments where Network Timing and GPS performance are critical.
  • Narrow band, high rejection multi-stage filter avoids interference around GPS L1 frequency
  • Lower elevation pattern performance than standard patch antennas


FP2458-VP6RPC Directional MIMO Panel Antenna

The FP2458-VP6RPC dual-band MIMO antenna provides spatial diversity coverage of 2.4-2.5GHz Wi-Fi and 4.9-5.9GHz Wi-Fi, WiMAX broadband wireless frequencies in an attractive, low profile housing. The platform was designed to provide optimal coverage for areas or events with a large number of mobile data users. It was designed for outdoor or in-building installations utilizing 802.11n multi-band wireless LAN access point radios. (more)

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