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Fleet Management and Asset Tracking Antennas


PCTEL is a global leading supplier of robust high performance fleet management antennas. We design and manufacture specialized antennas for fleet management applications to serve Public Safety, Railroad (Positive Train Control), Agriculture, Utility, Mass Transit and Defense. PCTEL's solutions include wideband, multi-band and MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) capable base station and mobile antennas that support voice, video and data wireless networks.

Our fleet management antenna platforms are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions encountered in various deployment scenarios. Products cover VHF, UHF, ISM, PCS/Cellular, 2.3-2.7GHz, 3.3-3.8GHz, 4.9-6GHz, Iridium®, Globalstar, INMARSAT and GPS frequencies. PCTEL's GPS antennas are engineered with high out-of-band rejection characteristics to allow proper tracking functionality in high RF noise environments. Other PCTEL GPS solutions include Smart GPS antennas with integrated receiver for smart reporting with various digital interfaces designed for use with specific radio manufacturers.

Positive Train Control (PTC)  Agriculture


  • VHF, 200MHz and GPS frequencies
  • GPS, WiFi and multi-band GSM frequencies
  • Rugged Low Profile Solutions
  • Easy to install designs

Infrastructure Antennas
GPS Antennas
Low Profile Wideband Rail Antennas
Silhouette Low Profile Transit Antennas


  • Solutions for guidance, flow applications, and information & logistics management
  • High perfromance GPS Tracking and Multiband Antennas
  • Rugged 450MHz Basestation and Mobile Antennas For Telematics In Agriculture

Mobile Antennas
Infrastructure Antennas
GPS Antennas

 Smart Antennas (integrated receiver)  Specialized Satellite Tracking


  • Rugged, low profile housings
  • Embedded, Magnet and Permanent Mounted Options
  • USB, CMOS and RS232 digital interfaces
  • Minimal exposure to theft or vandalism
  • Custom Smart Reporting capability for specific radio manufacturers

Smart GPS Antennas


  • Globalstar, Iridium® and INMARSAT
  • Passive, embedded and housed solutions
  • Rugged, environmentally tested designs
  • High performance LNA options available
  • Attractive, low profile housings
  • Models available for every budget

GPS Vehicle Tracking Antennas


  Public Safety, Commercial And Utility Fleets High Rejection GPS Applications


  • Embedded, magnet and permanent mounted solutions
  • Multiband and Wideband antennas Covering frequencies from 27 MHz to 6 GHz, including GPS L1
  • Rugged, environmentally tested designs
  • Featuring "No Tune" wideband models
  • 700 MHz and 4.9 GHz Public Safety Band antenna options
  • No ground plane models for non-metallic roof installations
  • Wide selection of mounts and accessories
  • MIMO Options at 2GHZ, 3GHz And 5GHz Frequency For Basestation Sector And Mobile Antennas
  • Covert Antennas

Mobile Antennas
Infrastructure Antennas
GPS Antennas


  • Interference rejection against 700 MHz LTE and LightSquared
  • Vehicular and base station (timing) antennas
  • OEM and Carrier grade models
  • High out-of-band, low noise technology
  • GPS single band and multi-band antenna options
  • Rugged, environmentally tested housings
  • Attractive, low profile designs
  • Permanent and temporary mounting options


Featured Products


GPS-L1L2-28MAG Active GPS L1/L2, High Gain, High Performance, Magnet Mount Antenna

PCTEL's GPS-L1L2-28MAG precision tracking antennas feature a 30dB amplifier and dual band high rejection filtering specifically designed for high performance in applications where position, precision and accuracy are critical.

  • Designed for enhanced performance in agriculture and differential correction applications where precision and GPS performance are critical
  • Dual band, high rejection multi-stage filter avoids interference around GPS L1 and GPS L2 frequencies
  • Designed to MIL461 standards for EMI and D0-160 standards for airborne equipment
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PCTEL GPS High Performance Antenna Platform

PCTEL's new GPS high performance multi-band antennas provide no tune multi-band coverage of 698 MHz to 5.9 GHz frequencies, superior GPS LNA technology, IP67 ingress protection and rugged low profile housing for maximum durability on vehicular installations. A MIMO version offering two Wi-Fi / WiMAX cables is also available for MIMO mobile data applications.

This platform is ideal for numerous fleet management and asset tracking applications in the Public Safety, Mass Transit, Commercial Delivery, Utility Smart Grids, Precision Agriculture and Military / Defense industries.


  • Multi-band support of the latest wireless technologies, including 700 MHz LTE, 4.9 GHz Public Safety, and 2.3-5.8 GHz WiMAX / 4G mobile
  • GPS with pre-selector LNA filter technology for superior out-of-band signal rejection and maximum RF interoperability
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Application Notes & Marketing Materials

Public Safety

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Positive Train Control

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Antennas for Precision Agriculture and Prescription Farming (Click Here).

Fleet Management and Asset Tracking GPS Solutions

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For additional information regarding PCTEL products for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking applications, please contact us at or call 630-372-6800 or 800-323-9122.

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