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High Rejection GPS / GNSS Antenna Line


PCTEL is a leading supplier of GPS and multiband (with Integrated GPS) antennas with high RF noise rejection capability. PCTEL's proprietary design combines high-performance GPS elements that provide optimal coverage with a sophisticated low noise amplifier that has superior out of band noise rejection capability. Besides mitigating effects of noise from other sources into the GPS L1 band, the high noise rejection characteristics of the antennas have been optimized, in particular, to mitigate interference from L-Band spectrum recently cleared by the FCC for terrestrial mobile broadband service. These antennas are ideal for deployments encountering high RF noise environments in a variety of applications including public safety, SCADA, Smart Grid, defense and network timing in cellular infrastructure.

SkyCompass™ Shield Low Profile Antenna with SkyLink™ High Rejection GNSS Technology | GNSS-HR26PM
SkyCompass™ Puck Low Profile Tracking Antenna with SkyLink™ High Rejection GNSS Technology | 8171D-HR
Low Profile High Performance GPS L1 Through-Hole Mount Antennas | 322XMSMA Series
Max-Matics™ Shield 26 dB Gain GPS L1 Glass Mount Antenna | AGPS26GMMSMA
Low Power GPS Antenna with Dual High Rejection SAW Filters | 3915D-HR
High Rejection Dual Filter Mobile GPS Antenna for High RF Noise Environments | 3911D-HR
High Rejection Low Profile Permanent Mount GPS Antenna | 3971D-HR
High Rejection GPS Magnetic Mount Series | AGPSHP35MMMSMA
3961D-HR High Rejection Embedded GPS Antenna

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